We believe that coffee, as our primary element, should be formed to the best of our ability and crafted right every time. We aim to be known as the premier provider of coffee in Spokane. Ultimately, our mission is summed up by our mantra:


Simply Simple
  • Simple Menu
  • Simple Logistics
  • Simple Living
Great Product
  • Great ingredients
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Great presentation
Coffee is an Experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Inviting ambiance
  • Educational experience

Where does INDABA get its coffee?
Just as "INDABA" refers to a gathering of leaders, we prepare and serve a selection of leading coffees from local and regional roasters. List of roasters we've had the honor of serving:

Slate, MannersCoavaVictrola, Mad CapEquator, BumperCrop, DOMA, Anvil, RoastHouse, Evan's Brothers, & more.

Contact info [at] indabacoffee [dot] com if you are interested in having us feature your coffee on the bar.